Just remembering the great bar at Manuel's Restaurant on Congress Ave.


We shot more than a few ad campaigns there. It's been closed since the beginning of the pandemic. The north location is open. I keep wondering if the (hugely popular) downtown location will ever come back. 

Cameras and martinis. A good photographic combination. Add in great Tex-Mex food and you're set.

Untitled. Shot as a three story tall background for a Stephen Dietz play. A play with a constant reference to Jack Kerouac and "On the Road."


Erin Barlow. "Honey."

The photo looked great when it was projected thirty or forty feet tall. At the rear of the stage. We also projected video in exactly the same image style. It was nicely slow motion.


Portrait from 1979. Scanned from a print.


B. 1979

Everyone was beautiful and mysterious back then. It was a time before the "great rush" of life. The cellphones, the overnight delivery expectation. The instant "proof" on the rear screen of a camera. People had time to work on stuff and to sit for a while in conversation. Wish we could just grab some giant handle somewhere and slow everything back down. 

rumor on the web today is that Nikon (and by extension, Canon) are fully exiting the DSLR camera market. Now more moving mirrored mainstream cameras. I guess the real question is: "Does anybody care?"