Are you ever just fascinated with the same object over and over again?

I've probably walked past this construct a couple hundred times as I go downtown to the convention center for various events. I have no idea what its original purpose was but it has advertising for P.F. Chang's on one side...

It looks different all the time. I like the color and I like the angular arrowhead pointing up into the sky.  I tried to make it look different today. I like the swirl of the clouds. It would be fun to find out that it's got a ladder inside the main column and that you might be able to go up to the top and sit in a chair and watch the people come in and out of the neighboring bars and steakhouses during a warm, spring evening.

Today it was a willing subject for my nerdy camera test. It passed and my camera passed. 


Anonymous said...

The clouds with their round "soft" shapes are gently contrasting the sharp shape of the building.

Craig Yuill said...

How many photos did Ansel Adams take of Half Dome in Yosemite over the course of his lifetime? Quite a few, as I recall. It's a really neat structure. You have the makings of a photo essay here.