Article supports VSL practice of lighting from the left with subject looking to their right. Read all about it.

Click this link to read the article where I found it, on F-Stoppers:
Visual Science Lab Portrait Lighting Style Gets Science.

Revisiting a classic lighting concept...


Wolfgang Lonien said...

What an impressive collection, Kirk. I'd like to see a book showing only your portrait work. It will be your best I'm sure.

Gato said...

That bagel photo scares me a little bit every time you post it.

I've always thought there was a tendency to light from the photographer's (or artist's) left, then to turn the subject toward the light. I always linked it to reading. Since in western culture we read from left to right that kind of lighting and pose seem to work well with the natural eye motion that becomes a habit from reading.

Willi Werner said...

@Gato I usually have main light on the left because I move it according to subject with my left hand The camera being in my right hand I only change this if subject features require that change

anyway these portraits are awesome