Life in the time of selfies.

A quick note to my professional friends: A blurry photo, taken with a shaky cellphone, featuring a shocked and grinning expression taken at table in your favorite dive may be just the thing for your anonymous feed at Tumblr but you may want to reconsider using said selfie for your "best foot forward" business portrait on your company's website or on your LinkedIn page.

You will spend more money on a real portrait but your avatar will serve as a better front man and you'll probably make the short, happy list of some clients who might have chucked you in the "freak" category when glancing quickly at your previous snap shot.

Funny to think that those little photos that go next to your comments on Twitter or the hundreds of other places on the web are quickly becoming your first impression to potential business clients and partners....

But that's okay. We can fix that.

Naomi. Samsung Galaxy NX camera.

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RFS said...

Speaking of better portraits, how did you do with your special price last year (or the year before?) for headshots? Did it help you bring in new business? I assume you had people lined up around the block for such an amazing deal... Or have people still not come to understand the value of a great portrait?