Old Camera. Old Tech. Beautiful Subject.

Mosumi. ©Kirk Tuck.

Camera: Hasselblad
Lens: 180 Sonnar
Film: Agfapan 100

From the studio on San Marcos St.


Michael Ferron said...

It is true things have gotten easier but when I view this portrait I wonder if they really have gotten any better.

crsantin said...

For me, image quality comes from an interesting subject, lighting and composition. If you have those 3 three then I think you have great image quality. It's not megapixels or high ISO performance. This is exactly the problem with the whole industry today. It's about numbers and specs, not about the fun of it all. It's a constant upgrade cycle with the promise of great photographs that simply won't materialize if you don't understand why you want to photograph or how to light and compose.

BTW Kirk, have you ever shot with the Epson RD-1? It came out just before the Leica M8 and was the first M mount rangefinder camera. They still seem to go for rather high prices on the used market. The images from it seem quite nice from what I've seen. It's an interesting camera and the only digital one, as far as I know, that requires you to crank a lever to cock the shutter.

Eric Rose said...

Stunning eyes. Interesting use of the drape.