A quick question about a book. Video production for still photographers. Is anybody interested?

I'm discussing doing a new book with a publisher. I think there is a real hole in the market for books on video production for photographers; people who want to incorporate video into their practice. Or people who just want to get up to speed with main stream video production.  As you can probably guess, the book market is dicey and while I believe pretty strongly in the need for a well researched, well written, 128 page volume (180-220 photographs illustration concept+25K-30K words) that covers the basics (from "what all the controls mean" to "how do I get good, clean audio") I thought I should do some market research, and what better place to do so than among my VSL reading family?

The question I am interested in getting answers to is this: Once the book is available for pre-sale on Amazon.com do you think that over the course of three to six months that I can get 300 pre-orders for such a book? The selling price would be under $30 (U.S.).

No obligation but would you help me with my market research by letting me know if you would be interested in such a book in the comments section?

Much appreciated. Kirk